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Visit Hoi An and Fall in Love

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Although the towns of Da Nang and Na Thrang are some of the most popular on the Vietnamese coastline, it is actually the quaint fishing village of Hoi An which poses the greatest attraction, for it is here you can find a very ancient port where the finest tailors in the world, the most decadent ceramic charms and most authentic cultural experience. Many cultures and differences can be witnessed in Hoi An with the Japanese, Chinese and many other nationalities having made their mark before moving on. Such influences can be found in the variety of food, the diverse ethnicities and most of all the colorful facades which are arguably the reason so many travelers fall in love with this destination.  

During the day, tourists and locals alike will usually while away the hours in quaint cafes along the waterfront or take a relaxing cruise in the shade of a local fishermans boat, it really is a sleepy town and a far cry from what was once the busiest and most important ports in Southeast Asia. Massage salons, fruit juice stands, fish mongers and vegetable stands line the sides of every street from early in the morning and a louder side of the town can be found within the markets, but overall, Hoi An is a place to unwind during the day and watch the world drift past with the heat of a sunny afternoon.

At night Hoi An becomes a very different place, when fluorescent lights bring life to the town, when quiet cafes become lively bars and fine restaurants are filled with tourists vying to try some of the glorious food for which it is renowned. In fact, if you are looking for things to do in Hoi An in the evening, there is an endless variety in which to indulge, from the art galleries on every side street, the delightful museums, the fantastic street food or even a sunset cruise down the Thu Bồn River which intersects the town. Hoi An is known for being an untouched antique-like town but when you experience everything it has to offer, you will quickly realize there is an entertaining world to be found beneath the unassuming nature of the town's exterior.

However, for everything which is sublime within the town of Hoi An itself, it is famous for what lies just outside where verdant rice fields are waiting next to luscious hills and the Than Ha Ceramic Pottery Village, home to the best ceramic pottery for centuries and where you can buy a ceramic vase for very affordable prices. Several parts of Asia will offer similar ceramic ware but Vietnam has it's very own stamp when it comes to produce of any kind and the same can be said about pottery, ornaments and ceramic items in general. 

Hoi An is overflowing with experiences and is one of the true highlights of a visit to Vietnam, so whether you have come to buy ceramic vases or just to escape from noise in the cities of Na Thrang and Da Nang, you are sure to have unforgettable experiences and possibly fall in love.

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