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How To Choose Asian Pendant Necklaces & Jewelry

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Jewelry is not only an essential part of a sophisticated woman’s attire, but it is also a reflection of her personality. In Asian culture, pendants necklaces and jewelry have different meanings. They are not just worn for beauty purposes but have other meanings to the wearer. The following are tips on how to choose Asian pendant necklaces & jewelry:

Analyze your face

Before you pick any Asian pendant necklace or jewelry, it is essential to understand the shape of your face. The shape of your face is not similar to that of the other person next to you. Therefore go for pendant necklaces and jewelry that highlight your facial features and make you look beautiful, elegant and fashionable. The following are different tips based on face shapes:

Round-shaped face
If you have a round-shaped face, you should select jewelry of pendant necklace that goes beyond your neckline. You can wear a necklace with a pendant or without and still look beautiful.

When choosing jewelry or pendant necklace if you have a rectangular-shaped face, you should ensure that you choose contrast jewelry. Choker style necklaces are your best bet if you want to look beautiful. You can also pair them with small round earrings.

This is considered the best since it calls for versatility and gives you the chance to explore different styles of necklace pendants and jewelry. You can choose long or short necklaces and also use different earrings to enhance your looks.

A heart-shaped face has wide jawline and a narrow chin area. If you have this type of face shape, you should consider wearing short necklaces with round pendants.

Analyze your skin tone

The color of your skin plays an important role in choosing the right pendant necklace or jewelry. You need to select jewelry that compliments your skin tone. Cool skin tone matches best with white, blue, red and purple necklaces. Warm skin tones look good with orange, green and yellow necklaces. Diamond necklaces and jewelry look great with any skin tone.

Wear jewelry that compliments your body shape

You should choose pendant necklaces and jewelry that enhance your body shape. You can wear jewelry with bold colors to attract attention to those parts of the body that you are proud of. If you have a big body, you should consider wearing larger jewelry. The same applies to petite people.

Eye color
The color of your eyes should help you in choosing the right jewelry or pendant necklace. Ensure that you choose jewelry or necklace that contrast or compliment the color of your eyes. There are green eyes, brown eyes, hazel eyes and deep blue eyes.

Your personality
If you have a strong personality, choose pendant necklaces that match your personality. If you are an outgoing person, you can wear large pieces of jewelry or pendants with large bold rings.

In summary, you can mix and match pendant necklaces and jewelry from different parts of Asia. Always look for jewelry that fits your personality, outfit, face shape and even eye color.       


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