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Anime 101

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The anime culture is one with deep Asian roots tracing back to Japan. Anime, Japanese for animation, represents a technique that is based out of Japan of creating hand drawn or computer animations. Over the years, the technique has grown into a culture, one that receives worldwide acclaim. Technology has become more integrated into the culture with computer animating technology being used increasingly for the creation of the animations. Most of the anime productions are developed from Manga, Japanese comics.


Anime addresses a number of cultural themes that are portrayed by the characters. It was first and still is used as a form of expression against social injustices in Japan and now around the world. Things like poor leadership and hunger for power are recurring themes in most, if not all, anime productions. The use of cartoon characters is a brilliant way of portraying the characters and showcasing their role without directly hinting on anyone in particular. Each theme is portrayed with heavy emotional content, a quality that sets apart anime from its Western comic counterparts.


Anime is represented in as many genres as there are for movies. There are action, thriller, comedy, drama, history among so many other genres. Seeing, as they are animations, they are quite easy to adapt into any genre. There's a genre for different ranges of audiences including kids. The genre is composite of the targeted audience and influences the plot and character development. Anime for an adult audience will have thicker plots, more developed themes and greater character development and progression.


Anime may have started in Japan but it has broken the boundaries of the Asian country and taken over the world. The influence has been greatly amplified by the internet with anime dedicated websites and fan pages cropping up every now and then. The worldwide reception is indicative not just of a culture that has surpassed the constraints of geographical boundaries, race or language, but also one that speaks to the people in a way that they can understand while providing ample entertainment at the same time. A lot of anime cosplay events have been held worldwide to celebrate this culture.

Anime figures

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