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Types of Asian Pendants That Radiate Success in Your Life

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Life is full of many twists and turns. Lady Luck seems to shine on some every day. Think about adding these types of Asian pendants to radiate success in your life.

Attract Positive Energy

The East sees healthy spiritual development as essential to a life well lived. Just as people eat healthier food to improve their physical well being, they use the talisman to attract positive spiritual energy. This "force of attraction" is important for many endeavors. People might go to religious shrines when they need healing. Followers of popular social media attract like-minded individuals. Entertainment, sports and political fans will follow those whom they deem to be the most successful. 

Three-Legged Bird Pendant

A businessman could add our Three-Legged Bird Pendant (with radiant or bright sun) to his key chain or briefcase in order to win a big contract. No body knows when the boss may be ready to promote an employee to a higher position. Positive words on the outer ring of this pendant help you gain a leg up on the competition. 

Eight Auspicious Symbols Pendant

The West has the lucky four-leaf clover and rabbit's foot. The East has the Eight Auspicious Symbols Pendant: golden wheel, mystical knot, white umbrella, banner of victory, right-turning conch shell, treasure vase, lotus and double golden fish.

In the middle ring, the pendant has the I Ching Trigram. In the center ring, the HRIH seed symbol is prominently displayed. On the back of this good fortune pendant, you can find the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals.

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